MBPC: Interreg MED ACADEMY learning program on Ecosystem-based Management and Marine Spatial Planning


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The Mediterranean Biodiversity Protection Community (MBPC) Interreg project, to which MedCities is full partner, is developing a learning program on Ecosystem-based Management and Marine Spatial Planning, that will take place online from 19 April until 22 May 2022. This course has been endorsed as an Activity contributing to the UN Ocean Decade initiative.

This program is mainly addressed to policymakers at a regional or local level but will also be open to other public interested in understanding and adopting best practices and new approaches related to monitoring, geospatial, and management tools for biodiversity protection, based on an Ecosystem-based approach applied to Marine Spatial Planning.

The learning program will blend learning activities; mixing pre-recorded videos, live webinars, reading suggestions, peer-to-peer exchanges, and self-evaluation tests. This learning program will conclude with a final assignment on the topics covered during the four weeks of activities. A tutor will assist participants during the course and seek networking opportunities to support the interaction between speakers and students during the webinars. The learning program is divided into four different modules with an expected combined workload of 7-10 hours, including videos, reading activities, questionnaires, webinar attendance, and a final assignment.

This first edition will be run only in English language. If successful, we are studying the possibility of a French language edition next Autumn.

Should you be interested, please follow this link to enroll.

The programme Urbans Transport Community will organise another module on active and sustainable mobility (Challenge: cycling to decarbonise Urban mobility), stay tuned to know more.