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The city of Bonifacio is organizing a Mediterranean event on Tuesday, June 13, 2023 to promote the reuse of treated wastewater in coastal areas. MedCities is a supporter partner of the event as it links with the association’s work.

A sustainable solution

Faced with the increasing number of water stress situations caused by climate change, and in order to preserve water resources and the Mediterranean marine ecosystems, the reuse of treated wastewater is a solution that deserves to be generalized for wastewater treatment plants located in coastal areas. Indeed, this could allow a better management of this precious resource that is fresh water and avoid any discharge into the sea.

A new European regulation

In June 2023, a European regulation on the reuse of treated wastewater for agricultural irrigation will come into force. This is an opportunity to study and extend these uses.

Bonifacio, pilot city in France for the Reuse of treated wastewater

Thanks to the support of the State and the Collectivité de Corse, in 2018, the City of Bonifacio was one of the first in France to implement the reuse of part of its treated wastewater for watering the Sperone Golf course in Bonifacio. Thus, one third of the city’s wastewater is reused for watering the Sperone golf course, the rest being evacuated into the Port of Bonifacio. Since January 2023, the City has been working with the State and the Collectivité de Corse to extend this system of reusing recycled water to new uses for municipal services (street cleaning, cleaning of pleasure boats, watering of green spaces, etc.), firefighting services, socio-professionals (farmers and tourism professionals) and industries in the commune.

Date and place
Bonifacio, 13 June2023

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