Med4Waste: A better urban organic waste management for a more resilient Mediterranean agriculture


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Following the 2023 International Compost Awareness Week under the specific thematic of “Healthier soil, healthier food…Compost!” and as the largest education initiative celebrated in many countries, this webinar aims to showcase and bring a virtual space to exchange Mediterranean good practices related with urban organic waste management for a more resilient Mediterranean agriculture.

Connecting these challenges, you will discover how problems can become opportunities!
Supported by UfM, ENI CBC MED and PRIMA programmes and proceeding the 4th UfM Working Group on Environment and Climate Action, this event organised by the Med4Waste capitalisation project is a great opportunity to learn about urban and rural ecosystems challenges and potential joint
solutions contributing to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals in the Mediterranean.

This webinar also promotes capacity building initiatives directly contributing to key 2030 GreenerMed
Agenda actions such as the implementation of food waste reduction strategies and the reinforcement of rural circular business models, improve agricultural soil quality, and restore degraded land. In turn, Water-Energy-Food-Ecosystems Nexus approach within the UfM Water Agenda will be presented to showcase the importance to have a cross-sectoral integrated perspective and improving
governance to tackle transversal common issues.

Date and place
23 May 2023, Online


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