The technical visit to Barcelona by local stakeholders and private companies from the Municipality of Sfax has been one of the key activities of the ENSERES project (ENI CBC Med Programme), to uptake tools capitalized on by the ENSERES project in the field of waste management for the activities of the Sfax fishing port.

The mission involved the participation of a multisectoral group of actors, including the municipality of Sfax, the fishing port authority, the waste management agency, the union of fishermen, and the Ministry for the Environment. Additionally, we count on the collaboration from the Port of Barcelona, the Catalan Waste Management Agency/MedWaves, AMB, as well as the Guild of Rosas and the company EDAFO.

Thanks to exposure to various examples and cases of best practices in the management of fishing waste and other marine-related activities, the representatives from Sfax were able to strengthen their capacity in areas such as monitoring, reuse, recycling, and the circular economy of marine waste, among other topics. All this return will be incorporated in the Guide for Marine litter prevention and management at the fishing port of Sfax, which will further contribute to the Tunisian strategy for a plastic-free littoral.

The next steps include an MoU between the city and the port to enhance solid waste collection and a study to identify the appropriate legal model for the establishment of a waste management company at the port authority level.

The exchange visit took place between September 4th and 6th in Barcelona.

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