In our last General Assembly held in Tetuan, Morocco, MedCities members approved the entrance of new cities. 

MedCities is growing. The network has been enlarged with more than fifteen members on the last two years and currently, it is formed by has 54 cities.

The last cities that joined the network were accepted on the last General Assembly that took place on 2 December in Tetuan, Morocco. These cities are the following:

  • M’Saken (Tunisia, 100.000 inhabitants)
  • Menzel Bourghiba (Tunisia, 54.596 inhabitants)
  • Tataouine (Tunisia, 66.924 inhabitants )
  • Jerash ( Jordan, 80.000 inhabitants)
  • Provincial Council of M’diq-Fnideq (Morocco, 114.000 inhabitants)
  • Municipality of Martil (39.011 inhabitants)
  • Municipality of M’diq (36.596 inhabitants)
  • Municipality of Fnideq (77 057 inhabitants)

Moreover, on the last 2 months, the network has received four demands of adhesion that will be analysed on the next meeting of the Board of Directors, and finally approved on the next General Assembly.