The visit was also an opportunity for the six replicating territories to present their circular economy strategies and measures developed on the 4 project pillars: water, energy, waste and mobility. Around 40 participants from project partners and replicating institutions took part in this activity.

On the 23rd of May, participants met in Heraklion, kindly hosted by the Region of Crete. During the first day of the study visit, the Region of Crete presented its Regional Action Plan on Circular Tourism and circular economy practices in the hotel sector of the island. Moreover, Himara (Albania) and Gozo (Malta) and Malta presented their local/regional action plans for the circular economy.

Talking about water, energy, waste and mobility

MedCities Secretary-General, Mr. Josep Canals Molina joined the mission and the session on the second day and expressed the pleasure and the gratitude to be in one of MedCities member’s spots (Larnaka): “We are in Larnaca learning about the development of its circular economy local action plan and the measures implemented in the framework of the incircle project. This project shows what the European Union is doing for sustainability with concrete actions, and results. MedCities role is to promote this kind of innovative projects among its member municipalities but also transfer this knowledge to other parts of the Mediterranean, contributing at the same time to the stability and cohesion of the region via concrete solutions.

MedCités Sécrétaire Géneral pendant son intervention à Larnaca

On the 24th of May, participants met in Rethymno, kindly hosted by the municipality. The second day of the study visit was the opportunity to learn in detail about the two pilot demonstrators implemented on promoting renewable energy sources and electric vehicles, the local action plan on circular tourism and the city’s vision and practices for sustainable development. Rethymno installed 2 solar carports and 153 recycling bins for waste separation in three different waste streams.

On the second day also took place the joint peer-review session on circular strategies and measures developed for the six replicating territories: Region of Attica (GR), Berguedà (ES), Oltrepo Mantovano (IT), Split and Dalmatia County (HR), Natural Park of Delta de l’Ebre (ES) and GAL Terra Barocca (IT).

On the 26th of May, participants met in Larnaka, Cyprus, kindly hosted by the municipality. The last day of the visit was focused on learning about local practices related to sustainable tourism. In particular, Larnaka’s Sustainable Urban Strategy and Plan was presented, including a focus area on sustainable tourism and INCIRCLE’s local action plan. Other local initiatives presented were effective ways for incorporating urban/green mobility solutions in urban cities, circular economy practices in hotels, and Cyprus Circular Economy Strategy. Finally, our colleagues from EWA presented the lessons learned from the evaluation of the INCIRCLE strategies and AREA Science Park the measures implemented during the whole project cycle (259!) and the main policy recommendations.

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