The Interreg MED Project MADRE continues delivering tools to foster urban agriculture as a key instrument for urban sustainable development.

Today, MedCities is posting the last updates and activities of the MADRE Project on Urban And Periurban Agricultures:

For those wondering why urban agriculture is so relevant to sustainability, MADRE produced a short Project Video animation explaining the benefits it provides and the role of the project to reinforce this instrument. 

For those who rather go directly into existing successful practices, the recently published MADRE Best Practices Catalogue identify, analyses and provide contacts to successful experiences in the six MADRE territories regarding the six innovation areas identified by the partnership: farmers, social, consumers, academic, territorial and transnational innovation.

The participatory work with metropolitan stakeholders is also producing results. Five transnational working group meetings have already taken place (Barcelona on Social innovation, Marseille on Producers innovation, Montpellier on Territorial Innovation, and Bologna on Transnational networking and Thessaloniki on Academic research). The discussions addressed key challenges common to all six metropolis and are resulting on White Papers which will end up feeding the MADRE Policy Paper with a set recommendations to foster urban agriculture. All developments are being posted at MADRE website.

In the coming weeks the 6th MADRE TWG Meeting will take place in Tirana, Albania, sharing experiences and delivering recommendations on innovation from the consumers’ perspective to trigger the development of the sector.

Last but not least, the MADRE digital platform, which will serve as a networking tool and will contain all project results and much more, will be launched early April. 

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