The Unions of Municipalities of Batroun and of Jezzine and the territory of Zgharta Eden will benefit from the launching of the new MedCities project “TER-BRAND: Empowering Mediterranean Municipalities in branding their territorial added value”

The aim of TER-BRAND is to reinforce the role of local authorities in promoting sustainable and alternative tourism as a driver of economic activity in their territories.

The project is funded by the Municipality of Barcelona and implemented by MedCities – along with its Knowledge Transfer Centre in Al Fayhaa – in order to strengthen municipal capacities with respect to coordinating local actors in the tourism sector. The project will help municipalities in identifying new tourist products through consultation with stakeholders as well as help them to position their territories as destinations for alternative tourism.

A mapping of territorial assets is being launched as part of the project, and branding and communication strategies will be produced for the Union of Municipalities of Batroun and Zgharta Eden. This work will draw on the existing strategy of the Union of Municipalities of Jezzine.

For all three territories, new alternative tourism products and new communication tools will be created through the project with the aim of attracting visitors. As a means of reinforcing cooperation between municipal governments, MedCities will seek to involve other members of the network in the exchange of experiences, knowledge and projects through study visits and capitalisation seminars. The project, approved in December 2018, will be concluded in March 2019.