Board of Directors agreed on the update of the deadlines of the association’s strategic plan, the approval of the general accounts and there was the presentation of the partial activity report of the association by the Secretary General, Josep Canals.

Despite the difficulties, the board of directors of our association was held online last July. The most important points agreed  were:

  • Update of the deadlines of the association’s strategic plan, which is progressing despite the difficulties arising from the CoVID-19 pandemic: The term of the strategic plan will be postponed to next year and beyond the period 2021-2023 and will contain the medium-term visions until 2030, coinciding with the Agenda 2030. The diagnosis phase of the plan is progressing with interviews with some key internal and external actors. It also identifices 8 thematic priorities of the regional agenda based on the analysis of the agenda of the other Mediterranean actors also. In the coming months, interviews with members of the association and the formulation of the document of facts, challenges and projects (F,C,P) will take place.
  • Approval of the general accounts of the association for the 2019 financial year
  • Partial activity report of the Secretary General. In this way, the association advances in its task of providing service to its members, with special attention to the needs arising from the viral pandemic and the effects of the climate emergency.

Board of Directors

MedCities is managed and represented by a Board of Directors made up of 7 to 9 members: one President, five to seven members, and the Secretary General. A Vice-president and a Treasurer are designated.

All the posts forming the Board of Directors are unremunerated. These are appointed and revoked by the Extraordinary General Meeting and their mandate lasts for four years.  The Board of Directors meets as often as is determined by its President and at the initiative or request of three of its members.

The MedCities Board of Directors for the period 2019-2022 was approved by the members at the Extraordinary General Meeting held in Barcelona, 5 October 2018. The composition of the current Board is as follows:

– Municipality of Tétouan (President)

– Al-Fayhaa Urban Community (Vice-President)

– Municipality of Sfax (Vice-President)

– Metropolitan Area of Barcelona (Secretary)

– Municipality of As-Salt (Treasurer)

– Municipality of Dubrovnik (Member)

– Municipality of Marseille (Member)

– Municipality of Larnaka (Member)

– Metropolitan Municipality of Izmir (Member)