A mobility study on the development of a parking plan and action plan in a central area of the city of Sfax has delivered its conclusions. 

Within the framework of the technical assistance developed in 2018, MedCities has accompanied the city of Sfax in a comprehensive process of analysis and generation of potential solutions – along with a short- to medium-term action plan – for the reorganization of the motor vehicle parking system in the central district of Sfax El Jadida.

Sfax El Jadida is a complex neighbourhood, characterised by a varied urban terrain that includes green areas, pedestrian zones, public spaces and modern buildings. It is a predominantly commercial area in need of improved management of traffic and parking, further urbanization and more effective control over the use of pedestrian zones and public spaces. This mixture of characteristics make the area a complex one for the creation of a mobility plan agreed upon by civil society, residents and the various municipal services implicated in urban mobility management. Any solutions must also be consistent with Sfax’s Local Urban Master Plan, which highlights the importance of public spaces and pedestrians.

The resulting study aims to outline a parking model that would regulate roadside parking through a system incorporating both private parking and a re-design of the use of urban space in the neighbourhood. Some of the measures outlined in the study and accompanying action plan include:
– differentiated regulations for parking of different types, such as residents, taxis and the delivery of goods;
– the temporary use of undeveloped spaces while more permanent parking infrastructure is developed under the Local Urban Master Plan; and
– a detailed proposal for the management-model of the car park operating system, which will serve as the basis for the drafting of a public tender.

The next steps for the implementation of the action plan will involve the validation of the proposed model by the Sfax City Council and preparing the tender process for outsourced management services.