MedCities has been working closely with the two local ENSERES’s partners – Sfax City Council and Tyre Coastal Natural Reserve – to narrow down and concrete both capacity-building activities and mentoring on specific tools of the ENSERES toolkit.

In this regard, on the 10th of March, 20 Sfax stakeholders participated in a hybrid training on participative governance focusing on the ENSERES transferred initiatives of  MARISTANIS Wetland Contract and the Governance toolkit for the management of small-scale fisheries in marine protected areas.

Mr. Alessio Satta, MEDSEA’s president, introduced in detail the wetlands contract developed in the Oristano Gulf in Sardinia for the last six years; and the implications and challenges to involve all the different stakeholders towards a consensus to preserve the different Ramsar sites of the Gulf. This intervention was followed by a participatory session in which Mr.Ghassen Chelly and Sana Taktak, presidents of two local associations, approached the participative governance in traditional fisheries using as an example their initiatives in the Kerkennah and Kneiss Islands.

Training on Marine Litter Prevention and Abatement Measures will be done in the following weeks, following the launching of the mentoring process to Sfax local actors on marine litter monitoring and prevention.  

The training foreseen in Tyre on promoting marine litter and climate change impacts monitoring tools engaging citizens, fishermen, and divers will kick off soon after, as well as the launch of a mentoring process on the same subjects.

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