Over 50 representatives of the Mediterranean Biodiversity Protection Community (MBPC) Interreg Med program met via webinar last 12 June in its first Community wide event where MedCities leads the Communication strategy.

This virtual workshop brought together key players in the community to reconnect after three years of work, to welcome the new projects MPA Engage, MPA NETWORKS, POSBEMED2 and TUNE UP and people to the community and agree together how to best move forward in the next years. Integrated by 15 thematic projects supported by the horizontal or overarching project previously known as PANACeA launched at the end of 2016, the new community is now setting their common roadmap to help influence a more effective biodiversity protection in the Mediterranean through joint efforts. 

This virtual workshop was the opportunity to share accomplished achievements and propose a calendar for joint actions aimed to increase the impact of biodiversity protection projects towards common identified strategic targets.

The MBPC will continue structuring its actions through three working groups engaging members of the community:  WG1 on Biodiversity protection and transboundary challenges in which MedCities is actively involved with ETC-UMA; WG2 on Sustainable use of natural resources, and  WG3 on Integrated ecosystem monitoring and management. Due to the time limitations of online meetings, the webinar will be followed by a series of Working Group sessions, which will serve to deepen the discussion and validate the specific targets, outputs and milestones of each of them. Next meetings will be held on 26 June (for WG 1)  and 1 July (for WG 3) and 3 July (for WG2).

You can read the complete new in BPC website.