Bodrum is a port city located in Muğla province, on the southern coast of Bodrum Peninsula, in the southwest of Turkey. The city was anciently called Halicarnassus and by the 20th century the city’s economy has been mainly based in fishing and sponge diving, although tourism has become the main industry in Bodrum since the lat 20th century.

Its population is approximately 182,000 and the province is part of the Aydin Subregion, which is also part of the Aegean Region.  Bodrum Municipality serves with its 18 directorates and subsidiary units in the entire of Bodrum Peninsula which has an area of 689 km2 and a coastline of 215 km length. The organizational structure of Bodrum Municipality is composed of the Mayor, 4 Deputy Mayors and 18 Directorates.

Bodrum is located at the entrance of the Gökova Golf in front of Kos island, in a touristic strategic point. It is also known for their famous Castle of St. Peter, also known as Bodrum Castle, as well as for the traditional Bodrum houses, characterized by their prismatic shapes and simple designs, builded with materials such as stone, cane and clay. Bodrum’s cityscape is dominated by white buildings.

The climate of Bodrum is characterised by a hot-summer Mediterranean climate, while winter average is around 15ºC. The typical vegetation of Bodrum is Maquis shrubland biome, which is the typical vegetation of the Mediterranean climate.

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