Last 12th of January the INCIRCLE School organised its last online training session to clarify doubts about the assessment of tourism circularity and strategies development in the 6 replicating territories.

The INCIRCLE School is the first step of the replication process of the project which assists six European territories in the creation of strategies to increase circularity and sustainability of their tourism sector.

In November, MedCities, as leader of the Capitalisation phase of the INCIRCLE project, organised a series of online capacity building sessions aiming at training selected replicating territories on the tools and methodologies developed by the project.

During this last session, participants had the chance to work over any practical questions and doubts they are facing during the development of the circularity assessment in their territories. Challenges posed by data collection and the establishment of stakeholders working groups to work in the strategies development were particularly highlighted and discussed.

More than 60 participants took part in the training school, including 4 observer candidate institutions, 6 replicating territories and their external consultants on sustainable tourism, technical and institutional project partners.

Now replicating territories will carry on working in the assessment phase of their circularity and in the organisation of Stakeholder Working Group meetings to develop their own circular tourism strategies under the guidance and support of an expert on sustainable tourism. Peer-review sessions are being organised and a study visit to Larnaka (CY) and Rethymno (GR) will take place in May 2022. Moreover, replicators will implement tailor-made activities to tackle the specific needs and particularities of the touristic sector of the territory, especially by taking into account the needs risen after the covid-19. Such activities will be in line with the strategies under development, and will aim at tackling one or more of INCIRCLE four pillars (energy, waste, mobility and water).

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