The Strategic Plan about tourism promotion in Old Saida was presented in the Saida’s tourism table, while a branding campaign and the pilot project to promote the sustainable tourism in the city have already started.

The Project COHESIMED, with the economic support of the Barcelona City Council, has already begin with the pilot project actions in the old city of Saida, in Lebanon, which aim is to promote the sustainable tourism in the region through different actions designed to develop Saida as an international touristic destination.

The pilot project includes three actions aimed at the amelioration of the communications and touristic information provided by the city council of Saida, which are the following: The replacement of the signs at the main sites in the Old City, the development of an application and revamping the website of Visit Saida and the development of trainings for the youth from Old Saida to become tour guides in their city.

At the same time, the design of the branding and communications materials for the tourism promotion is progressing successfully with the design and launching of promotional products about the city of Saida, such as landmarks, flags and floor paintings.

The prior study about Urban Sustainable Tourism Promotion Strategic of Saida – designed by the consultancy Be Spoke Travel Advisors – was presented this month in the Saida’s Tourism Table, which aims to bring together key stakeholders from the local tourism sector and that counted with the participation of the Municipality of Barcelona.

The project of Tourism Promotion in Saida has the scope to help the local government to reinforce this sector in order to improve as well the living conditions of the citizens of Saida, Lebanon, due to the complicated socio-economic situation that those are currently facing.

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