The Eco-Point forms part of COOP-VERD, a project implemented by the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona, through MedCities network, and piloted by the city of Nabeul with the aim to promote circular economy through the recovery of plastic bottles and cans and their valorisation.

In December 2017, managed by the Association ETE+, the green point was opened as a space for the purchase, storage, packaging and resale of plastic waste and aluminium cans collected by the scavengers of the city of Nabeul. 

The objectives of COOP-VERD and of the Eco-Point are to encourage the sorting and recycling of household waste in the city of Nabeul and to improve the socio-economic situation of the waste pickers of Nabeul.

Promoting recycling and valorisation of plastic

In order to ensure the achievement of the first objective, COOP-VERD project installed 17 cages for the separate collection of plastic in the Neapolis neighbourhood and launched a public awareness and communication campaign that included various activities: designing the logo and slogan of the project « Sorting is the solution »; designing and distributing the leaflets, stickers, posters, informative banners and roll-ups; organizing a participatory training of educators in the schools of Nabeul in order to promote sensitisation on recycling and reduction; organizing a public event for sensitization with the residents of the neighbourhood, regarding the special containers placed, the importance of the separation of plastic and the social aspects of the project.

The extension of the project in two new areas is now being implemented and will finalise by March 2017.

Improving social-economic condition of informal scavengers

On the other hand the project aims at improving the socio-economic situation of waste pickers in Nabeul, by formalising their activity. During its implementation a training on job security and a health and vaccination campaign were launched by the project, targeting some 25 waste pickers. Those waste-pickers, who are now providers of the Eco-Point, are currently working under proper conditions, have improved their income and are working in an environmentally respectful way. 

This project is funded by the Municipality of Barcelona. For more info HERE

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