Zarqa is the capital of Zarqa Governorate in Jordan. Its name means « the blue (city) ». It had a population of 635,160 inhabitants in 2015, and is the most populous city in Jordan after Amman.

The city of Zarqa is divided into five districts that all together have an area of about 60 km2 (23 sq mi) and another two districts within the radius of influence of the city:

  • First District (City center)
  • Second District (Althawra Al-Arabiya
  • Third District (Ewajan)
  • Fourth District (Zawahreh)
  • Fifth District (New Zarqa)
  • Sports Complex District
  • Zarqa City Gardens District

Zarqa is Jordan’s industrial centre. It is home to over 50% of Jordanian factories. The growth of industry in the city is the result of low real estate costs and proximity to the capital Amman.Several facilities that are vital to Jordan’s economy are based in Zarqa, such as Jordan’s only oil refinery plant. According to the Zarqa Chamber of Commerce, 10% of Jordan’s total exports in 2011 came from Zarqa Governorate, amounting to more than US$512 million. Leather and garment products constituted about 52% of Zarqa’a exports, followed by chemical, agricultural and pharmaceutical products.

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