Tripoli is the the second-largest city in Lebanon, situated 85 kilometers north of the capital Beirut, and it is the capital of the North Governorate and the Tripoli District.

Tripoli is a city of 20,394 km² with a population of 253000 inhabitants.

The city has a diverse range of protected neighborhoods, monuments and sites that include the historic core of the city whole range of religious, civil, and military architecture such as mosques, madrassahs, khans and Citadel of Tripoli.

Surrounding this, there is a modern and dynamic metropolis with commerce, banking and leisure activities.The area known as Al-Tall, dominated by an Ottoman clock tower (built in 1901-1902) in the heart of downtown Tripoli, is the transportation center and terminus for most taxi routes.

The portuary area, has more than 20 modern restaurants and cafes that offer delicacies from international and local cuisines in addition to banking, rent-a-car, and modern buildings. Rue 32 is a growing area for investors as the port of Tripoli is the second largest in Lebanon.

The city is famous for its sweets industry, traditional olive oil-based soap production, copper craft and sculpted wood.

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