The Mediterranean Cooperation Alliance will be present the next 14th October in the workshop: « MedCoopAlliance: how multilevel governance fosters green transition » during the EU Regions Week  in which it will present practical examples of multilevel governance & innovating approaches to foster green transition.

During the workshop session, the MedCoopAllinace will present the speakers and the rule of interactive questions with the attendance and a video to introduce the issue of multi governance and green transition.

The workshop will be diveded in three parts; the first one to explain why the Medcoopalliance is coping with green transition (cross vision between different levels of governance), the second part will unveil the added value of the alliance in the green transition process, and lastly the MedCoopAlliance will talk about the future of the alliance in the Mediterranean area regarding green transition: its main challenges and good practices.

The sesión will count on Ms. Carole DELGA, President of the Occitanie RegionPresident of the Euroregion Pyrenees Mediterranean, Representative of the Intermediterranean Commisison (CPMR)  Mr. Nikola DOBROSLAVIĆ, President of the Adriatic Ionian Euroregion and Dubrovnik-Neretva Region – Member of the CoR. Ms. Anna Barnadas López – Deputy – Provincial Council Girona – Arco Latino Representative Mayor or Deputy (tbc) from the south shore of the Mediterranean, and a representative of Medcities.

Mr. Xavier BERNARD SANS, General Secretary of Euroregion Pyrenees Mediteranean will moderate the workshop.

Through concrete experiences, Local and Regional authorities of the MedCoopAlliance, a unique platform of networks in the Mediterranean, will present how they are working for better coordination among the different scales of governance as well as ensuring better coherence amongst strategies and projects in order to implement green transition.

In line with the SDG’s and the New 2021 Agenda for the Mediterranean, Local and Regional Authorities are firmly engaged in strengthening joint cross-border and transnational activities in salient policy areas such as the sustainable use of water and agricultural resources, climate change, strategic urban planning, local economic development, tourism, education, culture and the green transition.

The workshop stresses the added value of this unique platform of networks fostering an effective multilevel coordination, aligning common priorities and actions and capitalising on good practices and project results to achieve more effective and efficient green goals.

Who are we?

The Mediterranean Cooperation Alliance, a network of networks is composed by of the Pyrenees Mediterranean Euroregion, CPMR Intermediterranean CommissionArco Latino, the Adriatic Ionian Region and MedCities. It believes in multilevel governance and Mediterranean cooperation, as fundamental drivers for ensuring a better future for the populations from the Mediterranean and the European Union gathering all levels of governance, born as a result of years of cooperation activities, implements among others, green policies in the Mediterranean territories

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