MedCities visited three of four Jordanian Members during the month of July: the road subject to study in the Urban Transports Community project in Irbid, and see the progress of the LASERMED project in As-Salt. The LASERMED project brings together 4 MedCities members (As-Salt, Zgharta-Ehden, Oujda and Sousse). The four cities have already identified their strategic pilot projects for socioeconomic recovery, which will focus on home-made businesses and skilled unemployed freelancers.

LASERMED project meeting

Finally, MedCities organised the NATUREMED kick-off meeting that took place in Jerash. The NATUREMED project brings together three MedCities members (Jerash, Bethlehem and Saida), to work towards the naturalisation of the cities as a tool to make them more resilient to climate change. During the visit to Jerash we had the pleasure to hear the experience from Barcelona City Council in the planning and management of green areas and Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems, as well as of the city of Amman on this same topic. MedCities visited the site where the University of Jordan will install a green wall in the framework of the NAWAMED project. In addition, MedCities and the three municipalities started working on the methodology to be implemented within the project in order to create a set of strategic actions to increase and enhance the use of green infrastructure in the cities.

In parallel, part of MedCities team was in Saida visiting some possible sites to perform future works to increase green infrastructure in the framework of the NATUREMED project.

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