The initiative, led by  Metropolis, aims at cities to share initiatives such as plans, strategies or policies designed specially to control the propagation speed of the COVID-19. The open-source platform is managed directly by cities, that can publish documents and guidelines about how they manage the sanitary crisis. MedCities is associated to the initiative and has encouraged its members to share their own strategies.

The global crisis generated by the COVID-19 outbreak is pushing cities of all shapes to give immediate answers to an emergency that is seriously threatening not only citizens’ health, but the social cohesion, the economy and the infrastructures of our territories.

This situation entails new challenges for local governments and knowledge exchange is a good manner to improve the answer this situation. From MedCities, we are convinced that cities and municipalities might be united at this stage and they have to be more connected than ever. That is why, by sharing this initiative, MedCities aims to connect political leaders and municipal staff to help the improvement of cities and citizens’ answers to the pandemic .

Tihs initiative is addressed to all kind of local governments, from big metropolises to small towns. In metropolitan spaces, the collaboration of central cities and peripheries can make a huge difference to ensure the quality of life of the inhabitants. The contents expected to be presented in the platform are the following:

  • Initiatives (e.g. plans, strategies, policies) designed specifically as a reaction to the COVID-19 outbreak
  • Initiatives designed to face other health emergencies such as sanitary crisis or epidemics »

If you are directly participating in the response of your municipality to this crisis, you can sign up here and upload and share the plans and strategies you have prepared to face COVID-19.

You can read all the initiatives led by city members in our April newsletter.