During the first day session, a technical and steering committee meeting among project partners and a cross-fertilization progress meeting were held between other ENI CBC MED projects that MED4WASTE is actually capitalising on. MedCities is currently leading the implementation of the mentoring scheme for municipalities on waste-integrated management. The scheme includes accompanying six municipalities (2 from Lebanon, 2 from Jordan and 2 from Tunisia) in the:

  • Development or improvement of their Integrated Waste Management Plan
  • Implementation of a tailor-made action aligned with the plan development, including support for 2 local SMEs.
  • The organisation of an exchange study visit with another ENI CBC MED project output

Three members of MedCities are currently taking part in the programme: Madaba (Jordan), Mahdia and M’Saken (Tunisia). The other municipalities taking part in the programme are Birayn (Jordan), Akkar Al-Attika and Deir Qanon ElNaher (Lebanon). In fact, a meeting with Mohamad Khalil, Mayor of Akkar Al-Atika, and Fatima Yassine, responsible for waste management in Deir Qanon ElNaher, was organised on the 22nd of February in the afternoon. During the meeting, representatives from the ENI CBC MED projects CLIMA, MED-ina and REUSEMED were present in order to learn about the needs and interests of the municipalities and identify project outputs that could be of their interest in order to plan the study visit.

The programme of the meeting also included a study visit to the waste management facility of Bikfaya, which treats plastic, cardboard and organic waste. The facility also includes a membrane cover composting plant that will be run with solar panels, financed by the ENI CBC MED CLIMA project.

The meeting of the ENI CBC MED MED4WASTE project took place in Beirut (Lebanon, February 2023).

The MED4WASTE project runs from September 2021 to September 2023.

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