On a recent visit to Izmir, culture managers and experts from around the world met to exchange knowledge on cultural policy and learn from Izmir’s experiences related to that theme. 

The visit was organised as part of Izmir´s status as a Pilot City, under the Agenda 21 for Culture of the United Cities and Local Government organisation. The European Pilot Cities programme comprises of peer learning processes and activities aiming collaboration and communication with other pilot cities. The programme is based on a cooperative and transparent process involving local institutions and local people to make a strong impact on the sustainable development of cities.

The exchange benefited from the involvement of public, private and civil society organisations active in the cultural field in Izmir, and included seminars on ‘Cities and Cultural Networks’ and ‘Culture and Social Inclusion’.

Participants had the opportunity to learn from various cultural initiatives, including a presentation of the Sister-Brother Project, carried out by volunteer youths at the Historical Coal Gas Factory of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality. Other activities included visits to the floating library on the ferry that runs between Üçkuyular and Bostanlı, the Portizmir-3 Trianel Exhibition, Arkas Art Center, the Disability Awareness Center, Urla Design Library, Köstem Olive Oil Museum and a rehearsal of the Wheelchair Dance Group.