On the 17th and 18th July a mission was organised by the Catalan Agency of Development Cooperation to the Urban Community of Al Fayhaa (UC AF) to follow-up with the project on Improved Municipal Solid Waste Management that several Catalan development cooperation partners are implementing with the support of MedCities.

The mission included technical meetings with the implementing partners, the UNDP North Lebanon and the UC AF, as well as a political meeting with the Mayor of Tripoli and President of the UC AF, Mr. Ahmed Kamareddine.

The objective of the mission was to ensure the correct design and implementation of the pilot projects on recycling and selective collection of waste that will be launched in October in 4 pilot areas, one in each of the cities of the UC AF. The mission also addressed the planning of various upcoming activities, such as training sessions on separated solid waste collection and hazardous waste treatment, the sensitisation and communication campaigns targeting citizens involved in the pilot activities, as well as the upcoming elaboration of a Strategic Waste Management and Treatment Plan.

The project aims to reduce the amount of waste that ends up in the landfill of Tripoli by promoting recycling, separate collection and waste valorization. It also aims to reinforce the capacities of the UC AF to plan, in an integrated way, its waste management and treatment strategy.

Coordinated by the Catalan Agency of Development Cooperation (ACCD) and funded by a consortium that includes the Municipality of Barcelona, the Barcelona Metropolitan Area, the Catalan Fund for Development Cooperation (FCCD). MedCities and the Catalan Waste Agency offer technical support to the partners for its correct implementation.