VALEUR GABÈS- regional capitalization conference in Sfax


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“Efficient urban water: integrated planning and management approaches”
Regional conference to capitalize on the ValEUr Gabès project

As part of the ValEUr-Gabès project, the partners are organizing a regional conference for the dissemination of results and capitalization of good practices of the project, with the support of the Mediterranean Water Institute, associated partner of the project. To promote fertilization mutual debates, strengthen the presence of regional actors and create synergies which promote the taking into account of the results of several projects in political debates and better visibility of the contribution of municipalities in efficient water management, this conference is part of the activities of the Mediterranean Water Forum, preparatory of the World Water Forum to be held in Bali, Indonesia in 2024.

Read here the concept note and agenda (ENG and FR)

Date and place
7-8 November, Sfax

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