On Saturday 27 March, 30 young students of the Centre de Formation Professionnelle de Chefchaouen (OFPP) attended a training session about photovoltaic energy systems offered by Mireia Gil, expert of Azimut 360, in the frame of the ACCD funded project «Promotion of inclusive employment and the green economy in Chefchaouen», led by MedCities


How is photovoltaic energy produced and how do we install a photovoltaic system ? How do we assess its performance ? What are the impacts for the territory? 

The training was held at the Eco Espace of Chefchaouen and also counted with the participation of the members of the local cooperative CODIBER, in charge of different local projects.

The session introduced key concepts about the installation, operation, components, utilities and maintenance of a photovoltaic energy system and a practica case was explained: the design and installation of the solar panels on the roof of the Chefchaouen Local Library, which since its creation has saved over 10 tonnes of CO2, according to the monitoring sources that follow its production. The students will visit this installation with the team of CODIBER the next weeks. 

This activity is implemented in the frame of the technical assistance «Promotion of inclusive employment and the green economy in Chefchaouen«, aimed to improve the living conditions of the population in Chefchaouen through the promotion of the social and solidarity economy and the green economy to create employment opportunities. This technical assistance is one of the interventions of the project «Strengthening the role of local governments in the Mediterranean region in for good governance and for social cohesion «, funded by the Catalan Agency for Development Cooperation, led by MedCities.


Azimut 360 is a cooperative based in Barcelona and the Balearic Islands working on the design and implementation of renewable energy projects with a long experience both locally and internationally. In the frame of its mission to Chefchaouen, the team also met with the members of a local cooperative, CODIBER, to accompany them in the preparation of a new photovoltaic installation. 

The specific objectives of the project are to promote :

  • Access to the labor market for vulnerable groups, including youth, by strengthening their capacities and knowledge.

  • Spaces to foster occupation in green sectors for priority groups through a pilot action.

  • Exchange of knowledge with other entities and municipalities active in the sector of economic promotion and occupancy policies with the involvement of the Catalan Agency for Development Cooperation.