In the frame of a project financed by the Catalan Agency of Development Cooperation (ACCD in Catalan), MedCities launched a participatory diagnosis of the opportunities that Social and Solidary Economy (SSE) structures represent regarding the social inclusion and job creation addressing young women in the region.

Last 09th May 2018, a meeting was held in the Governorate of Sousse with the institutional partners of the project in order to define the scope and focus of the diagnosis, the governance and methodology of the process as well as the objectives to be attained. The meeting was coordinated by the Governorate of Sousse, in the presence of regional representatives of the departments of Agriculture, the department of Women inclusion, Business Centre of Sousse, MedCities and ACCD.

The diagnosis, coordinated by MedCities, will be finalized in October 2018 and aims at identifying the existing initiatives of Social and Solidary Economy in the region and the opportunities that SSE offers as an economic sector in order to overcome gender inequalities in the labor market. More concretely, the diagnosis will identify the needs to support SSE initiatives development in the rural and urban areas of the governorate regarding different economic sectors (agricultural, crafts, services etc …), as well as concrete projects and actions that enable the further development of SSE in the governorate.