MedCities organised the BLUEfasma Living Labs (BLL) with local fish wholesale and retail market stackeholders to talk about circular economy.

The first BLUEFasma Living Lab in Barcelona consisted on an online workshop with the title «Circular economy in fish shops and the wholesale market of the fish sector: how to save money and provide our products with added value through the implementation of good environmental practices».

It brought together different actors of the entire value chain of the fish wholesale and retail market in the area of Barcelona. Participants had the opportunity to learn from experts and real implemented good practices in the fields of waste management, packaging, energy efficiency and mobility. Business who had implemented enhancements in such fields shared their experience with the participants, who also learnt about existing financing sources to fund the implementation of such practices.

The workshop (that took place on the 3 February) led to a highly interactive exchange of opinion among participants, who are now being encourage to take part on the following activities of the BfLL. This will consist on a mentoring process in which experts on circular economy will guide the participating business of the fish sector towards the implementation of tailored good practices, based on their current state, future interests and needs, and available funding options.

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