The Mayor of Tétouan and President of MedCities, Mohammed Idaomar, and Secretary General Xavier Tiana, on the 25 July held a working meeting with the Mayor of Marseille, Jean Claude Gaudin, and the Deputy Mayor for International Relations and Euro-Mediterranean Cooperation, Jean Roatta. 

In the meeting, hosted by the city of Marseille, both Mayors reaffirmed their commitment to continue working together and discussed the priorities of their cities in the Mediterranean region in the fields of sustainable urban development, economic attractiveness and tourism.

The meeting also served to discuss the up-coming General Assembly of MedCities that will take place in Barcelona on October 4 and 5, and to discuss Marseille’s priorities for the future as a member of the MedCities Association.

Marseille and Tétouan are both founding members of MedCities and have been active participants in the network throughout its decades of growth into a legally constituted association.