The Municipality of Larnaca carried out a workshop on 27th of March 2013 at PA College, in Larnaca. Forty six participants attended this event.

The workshop was focused on the local economy, which was presented by the Local Team of external experts and an external consultant. The workshop was made more relevant due to the fact that at the present period the economy of Cyprus is characterized by unique and unprecedented challenges.

The government and its citizens have to face a number of issues, such as negative growth, high unemployment, problems in the banking sector and financial imbalances. At the same time, the government will strive to consolidate and restore confidence in the banking system, the consolidation of public finances and strengthening the competitiveness of the economy and maintain social cohesion, taking always into account the very difficult economic environment.


Therefore, the relevant data is analysed in order to develop policies that will contribute to sustainable strategic planning of our city. Useful conclusions related to the rhythms and development prospects of the city of Larnaca, were extracted through the specific workshop.


Among others, members of the Municipal Council, representatives of key institutions and bodies of Larnaca such as the Larnaca Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Cyprus Tourism Organisation, as well as and Government Officers of the Department of Town Planning and Housing, Department of Public Works, Department of Environment, Department of Antiquities and the District Administration Larnaca, also attended the workshop.