MedCities, in the frame of the support offered to the Program for the Regeneration of Old Cities (PRCA) in Tunisia, continued the online events to reinforce the capacities of Tunisian municipalities in designing integrated projects of renovation with a participatory approach.

From the 1st to th 10th of February, 5 online workshops were organised with the following geographical distribution and participation:


The workshop touched on elements relating to

• The development of a strategic and integrated vision for the old center,

• Mobilization of stakeholders around the vision,

• Identification and prioritization of regeneration actions,

• Setting up projects and identifying the necessary synergies and funding.

The overall objective was to demonstrate to the municipalities; on the one hand, that the regeneration operation must act as a lever for a more global project, on the other hand, that they can rely on a set of local actors for the definition and implementation of their activities and finally, that a large panoply of means and financing mechanisms are in place.

With the presence of 103 participants in the 5 workshops, 74 of which were political and technical staff of 40 municipalities, and 47 of which were women, the events generated a lot of interest and debate about the currently active call for projects launched by the PRCA program.

The presentations from the sessions are available here.

The program is launched by the Tunisian Ministry of Equipment, Habitat and Infrastructure, with the support of the French Development Agency, the European Investment Bank, the European Union and the Union for the Mediterranean, through the Urban Project Finance Initiative.