On the occasion of Plan Bleu’s 40 year anniversary, more than 130 participants gathered for an international conference, organized jointly with the Association Serge Antoine. 

The conference brought together experts, decision-makers, representatives of national, European and Mediterranean institutions, and members of civil society to discuss Mediterranean issues and possible futures. The morning, which marked the creation of, on the initiative of Serge Antoine, Plan Bleu, Regional Activity Center of UN Environment / Mediterranean Action Plan (MAP), looked back on forty years of reflections and action to promote sustainable development in the Mediterranean. It celebrated the fact that since the end of the 1970s, in the framework of the Barcelona Convention, and despite geopolitical tensions, Mediterranean countries have worked together to progress on many common environmental challenges.

The Mediterranean is an ecoregion with a unique cultural heritage and  exceptional biodiversity. However, it is also very fragile and sensitive to climate change. Its development concentrates on its coastal zones, subject to numerous pressures. Coastal urbanization, mass tourism, fresh water overexploitation and salinization, pollution and marine litter, overfishing, development of maritime traffic and invasive species represent many common concerns. During the afternoon, speakers discussed such issues as marine ecosystems management, sustainable tourism, rural development, blue economy, and biodiversity, and talked about possible and desirable futures. The fragility of the Mediterranean region and the multiple pressures that it faces demand the mobilization of stakeholders.

Plan Bleu took the occasion to announce the launching of MED 2050, a new foresight study intended to mobilize Southern and Northern decision-makers and stakeholders by overcoming geographic and institutional boundaries. The work that will be carried out for the next four years will be based on dialogue, partnerships and shared visions on paths to transition and investments to implement desirable future for the Mediterranean Basin. Participants interested in this project are invited to register online to take part in future exchanges HERE.

More information on the conference can be found HERE.