MedCities has produced two new publications that, together, bring together the work carried out by the Association in 2018 and look forward at the political priorities of its members for 2019.

The MedCities annual Activity Report details the many projects, seminars and events carried out through the network in the course of 2018. Available in French and English, the 2018 edition is a wealth of information on the efforts that the members of the Association have made to further sustainable development in the Mediterranean and improve the lives of their citizens.

The publication details a variety of types of activities engaged in by MedCities: the development and implementation of projects, sharing knowledge and best practices, building capacity in local authorities, and representing those authorities in international processes and debates.

The second publication is a collection of the contributions made by speakers at the 2018 MedCities Annual Conference, which was hosted by the Municipality of Barcelona and the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona in October of last year and had as its theme ‘Mediterrean Cities: sustainable and equitable for all’. The event gathered mayors from all around the Mediterranean, and the publication brings together their reflections on a wide variety of topics related to urban development, including city-to-city cooperation, environmental sustainability, and economic development and inequality. It is available in Catalan, English and French (pdf).