In February, the city of Montpellier was incredibly honored to become president of MedCities for the coming four years. Both an honor and a weighty sense of responsibility in the face of how communities and cities respond to the current period.
The world’s cities, and particularly Mediterranean cities, are facing crucial common challenges that we can no longer ignore: climate change, migratory flows, soaring energy prices, and the food security repercussions of the Ukraine war…We need to face the changing world together, and the city scale is the most relevant level for developing practical solutions.  
In Montpellier, we strongly believe that concrete action and the development of local governance-powered projects are key to harnessing the environmental crisis and to building a more sustainable future.
As a member, I have been both admirative and proud of MedCities action in empowering Mediterranean local governments and implementing practical programs with visible results.
As President, I will do my utmost to ensure that we pursue this course of action and that we contribute to further developing capacity-building and self-sufficiency throughout the region.
The Mediterranean, the birthplace of multiple cultures and civilizations, must be protected and must be a safe haven for all those forced to move, to flee their homelands.
Our territories must become greener, ever more resilient, and welcoming.
The city of Montpellier, and I as Mayor, will steadfastly support and steer MedCities and its members, forward in this way.

Mayor of Montpellier and President of Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole

President of MedCities

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