The Municipality of Menzel Bourguiba has completed a project to place citizens at the centre of its concerns as the Tunisian town opens a new Citizen Space.

The Citizen Space – the first of its kind in Tunisia – provides a single port of call for residents requiring assistance, improving their experiences in interacting with the municipality and facilitating the provision of a variety of services. Residents use the Citizen Space to request information, submit documents, lodge complaints and provide suggestions, and will have their needs addressed by a single member of staff in a single location.

Around 20 services provided by the Municipality are covered by the Citizen Space, which includes commitments to respond to requests in fixed time periods. Among the issues that can be addressed are requests for information, applications for connection to public utility networks – water, gas, electricity and sewage –, the submission of building permit applications and other requests for authorisation, and the filing of complaints.

Among the objectives of the Citizen Space is to demonstrate that the citizen is the first priority of the Municipality, building trust and providing a high quality of service.