The experience of Barcelona in strategic planning makes it a reference for the whole Mediterranean region

Barcelona is the capital city of Catalunya, an autonomous community situated in the north-east of Spain. It is the second city of Spain in population (1.5 million inhabitants) and its extension is about 101Km2. T

he Metropolitan Area of Barcelona (AMB) is the sixth urban agglomeration in the EU: it embraces 36 municipalities, it has an area of 600 km2 and almost 3 million inhabitants (about the 50% of Catalunya’s population). Unlike other European or Spanish Metropolitan Areas, Barcelona’s does not follow the typical hub-spoke structure with a unique center.

On the contrary, the AMB is constituted as a poli-nuclear structure in which the city of Barcelona acts as the main center, though underpinned by an important network of cities, interrelated among them, acting as secondary centers.

Currently, Barcelona has an economy mainly service-oriented, though the industrial sector is also relevant.

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