MedUrbanTools – the knowledge-sharing platform on urban development in the Mediterranean managed by MedCities – will now be able to reach a much wider audience of public interested in sustainability in the Mediterranean with the February 2019 launch of a French-language version of the website.

A resource for all those interested in urban development – including local authorities, development agencies, researchers and NGOs – MedUrbanTools contains three principal types of content: voices (expert interviews), cases (examples of innovative urban development) and tools (resources aimed at aiding the implementation of improvements in urban management). Gathering together experiences and instruments from projects and experiences from all around the Mediterranean, the platform deals with a wide range of urban issues, from mobility to economic development, from culture and identity to environment and climate change.

In addition to the launch of the French-language version, the content contained within MedUrbanTools has also been expanded, with the addition of over 30 new tools which provide practical guidance and support to those engaging in urban development projects on a wide range of themes, such as water use efficiency, the integration of migrants and the promotion of sustainable tourism.

MedUrbanTools is designed to be an easy to use and practical resource that gathers together knowledge and experience from a wide range of sources, continually updated to reflect innovations and good practices in the field.