The Med Cooperation Alliance, as a unique network of networks facilitating transnational multi- level governance in the Mediterranean proposes a specific high-level on-line event aiming at promoting, exchanging and proposing successful governance instruments as key assets for true cooperation impacts for the future of the Mediterranean. 

Since the Barcelona Process was launched, large-scale international projects as well as a great number of local and regional initiatives have been contributing to create a consolidated network of cooperation, which has directly impacted the lives of millions of citizens. In this context, multi- level governance has been foreseen a key aspect for the successful impact of cooperation in the Mediterranean Region.

How does multi-level governance contribute to shape effective cooperation experiences in the Mediterranean Region? What would an overview of relevant Euro-Mediterranean governance instruments be like in order to improve the participation of territorial stakeholders in the definition and implementation of the policies? Which are the lessons learned and how can we reinforce the impact of governance instruments to strengthen multi-level governance in order to address the common challenges of the Mediterranean Region? How should territorial cooperation and related programmes be addressed in terms of Euro-Mediterranean cooperation? Assuming that territories, regions and cities are the places where main challenges must be faced, what instruments would be the best for helping regional and local politicians to address them?

Objectives of the event:

  • Contribute and impact the current debates on how to recover from the COVID-19 Crisis in the Med basin, with a concrete focus on mid-term and long-term issues, and with the opportunity offered by the 25 years of the Barcelona Process.

  • Orientate European and Mediterranean territorial cooperation programmes, mainly Interreg Med and Next Med, towards the better integration of solutions at territorial levels.

  • Associate key actors to strengthen the Mediterranean Cooperation Alliance network & enhance complementarities such as with the ARLEM.
    Present the added value of the Mediterranean Cooperation Alliance regarding macro- regionalization processes in the Mediterranean. 

From MedCities side, the President of the association and Mayor of Tetouan, Mr. Mohamed Idaomar, Mrs. Imen Ouardani, Deputy Mayor of Sousse – MedCities member-, and the Secretary-General of the Mediterranean network, Mr. Josep Canals will intervine in the round tables and the closing and conclusions final speech.

You can register here and look into the agenda

The MedCoopAlliance are:

CPMR, Adriatic Ionian Region, Euroregio Pirineus Mediterrània, Arco Latino and MedCities

With the support of the Generalitat de Catalunya.