The Urban Transports Community has recently organised the webinar series «Implementing Sustainable Mobiity Solutions in the Mediterranean», an open 8-weeks training series hosting practitioners and thematic experts that unveiled over 15 different pioneering city cases from across the region in some of the most relevant fields of sustainable mobility.

Do you want your city to get started with the smart use of big data to better manage traffic ? Or push forward your bike-friendly local policies ? Or are you interested to explore shared mobility schemes for both locals and tourists ?

How we will travel in our cities and how the mobility environment will change due to the COVID 19 pandemic was addressed in the opening session of this series early October. The following session touched on the use of big data and ICT to monitor mobility behaviours in highly attended touristic events in Italy or rapidly -changing urban contexts in Slovenia. Integrated policies to promote safe, effective and well-connected daily cycling mobility discussed inner and cross-municipal bike lane networks with an engaged audience late October, while shared mobility schemes for tourists and locals brought the audience to discover why cities in Croatia, Greece or Spain are promoting shared bikes and cars as a solution to decarbonise mobility. Because the Mediterranean cities will continue being attractive as tourist destinations, mobility solutions for tourists exemplified how to effectively consider the impacts of seasonality or cruise trips, while participation and open governance were framed in the new planning approaches to sustainable mobility being tested across the region. The technologic perspectives surrounding electro-mobility and the obstacles of local governments to adopt some of these innovative solutions were addressed in the closing session held this 25 November 2020, the link to the video recording will be available online soon. 

 An open call to Mediterranean cities:

The partnership is now looking for Mediterranean public and private entities willing to adaptate some of these pioneering cases to their own local context. The Urban Transports’ call for replicators is open until 15th December 2020. Information on how to apply is available here. If you wish to express your interest and receive support to prepare your candidature, you may fill in this form. This is a unique peer-learning and mentorship opportunity for Mediterranean Cities and territories to help them in the development of sustainable urban mobility solutions. The selected candidates will participate in bilateral meetings and consultations with the pioneering peers, participate in visiting studies and receive tailored support to prepare an adaptation report.