In 2018, the secretariat of the Urban and Territorial Agenda decided to promote the Urban Agenda of Catalonia, a global strategy for thinking, planning and transforming the cities of the present and promoting the Catalan cities of the future. MedCities is contributing to the Agenda as a cities network and is involved in topics as urban quality, climate change and good governance.

The Urban Agenda of Catalonia is the mechanism that facilitates the updated approach to the problems and needs of cities, towns and territories, taking into account the urgencies of nowadays, and focusing on people. The reflection on the urban and territorial model must be wide-ranging, and we promote a comprehensive vision, considering all those elements (social, economic, environmental and government) that, together, make the city. The ultimate goal is to contribute to the development of vital, inclusive, healthy, productive, safe and environmentally sustainable cities and towns.
preparatory phase (through citizen participation), has been already validated by the Urban Assembly of Catalonia (the higher governance forum of the Urban Agenda of Catalonia). The desire for integration and transversal work seeks to permeate all dimensions of the Urban Agenda thought six coordinating consultants, twelve working groups- where MedCities is included-, four technical councils and an executive technical council made up of technicians and urban experts, councils and provincial councils, civil society, and professional associations, and universities and public sector, with the Catalan Government as a main drive.
The second phase , in which MedCities has a sit, was the formal opening of the drawing of the Urban Agenda where the working groups are taking the initiative. This phase that started this December 2020 must allow the strategic definition of the objectives and their concretion in action plans, a reflection and impetus of the contents that will be a choral exercise to generate synergies of knowledge and work.
MedCities is involved in these 3 axis that also represent the areas in which our network has experience and that is use to work with Mediterranean cities.
Watch here the video of the online session from 16/12/2020 (in catalan) 
Watch here the presentation video from the Catalan Urban Agenda (in catalan)