MedCities launched the project EMPLOIMed, financed by the Catalan Agency for Cooperation to the Development, which aims to establish a support service for employability and entrepreneurship in M’Saken and Chefchaouen, offering spaces for co-working, information, training opportunities and support for young people.

In October, a first meeting with the municipalities’ team of M’Saken and Chefchaoen was organised online in order to start planning the project activities in accordance to their needs.

The overall objective is to strengthen the role and capacities of the local governments as actors of economic development in supporting its youth population’s employability and promoting entrepreneurship.

The main activities of the project are:

1-To develop a methodological guide on the needs, services and resources to set up a support service for youth’s employability and entrepreneurship.

2-To establish the support service and identify tools to consolidate the service in the long-term.  

3-To provide training in soft skills for young people and promote the co-working space.

4-To implement a specific professional training for youth in the economic sector offering more job opportunities in M’Saken and Chefchaouen.

5-To organise a job fair in each territory bringing together local businesses and young unemployed people.

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