A declaration on «Ecosystem-based approaches for biodiversity protection and management in the Mediterranean» is seeking support.

The Declaration stems from a collaboration between the Interreg MED Biodiversity Protection Community and the Seas, Rivers, Islands and Coastal Areas Intergroup (SEARICA) and is a consensus statement towards understanding and managing transboundary and cumulative impacts on Mediterranean Ecosystems.

The Declaration was featured at the Midterm workshop of the horizontal project of the Biodiversity Protection Community (PANACeA) and the accompanying public hearing at the European Parliament, which was held in Brussels, 4 and 5 December 2018. It summarises state-of-the-art knowledge generated by 11 thematic projects of the Community and 200 partner organisations concerning threats and pressures on biodiversity in the Mediterranean. It also highlights a series of principles to guide future joint actions towards more effective and transnational management of key ecological assets that are grounded in a holistic and ecosystem-based approach.

Addressing various sectors of society – from public, national, regional and local authorities to research and academic institutions, NGOs and the private sector – the declaration will be signed during the final PANACeA Conference in Malaga in October 2019.

MedCities, as a partner of the PANACeA project, supports the declaration, believing that an ecosystem-based approach to biodiversity protection and management is also needed in cities and metropolitan areas. In order to increase the visibility of the Declaration, members and associates of MedCities can give their support by sending an email to panacea-med@uma.es, adding their voice to the community and its collective message.

MedCities also encourages you to share the Declaration and gather support from members, networks, and leaders of your communities to address the challenges facing biodiversity in the Mediterranean biodiversity.

Declaration in English: https://biodiversity-protection.interreg-med.eu/fileadmin/user_upload/Sites/Biodiversity_Protection/horizontal_project/News_events/PAN_EBMDeclaration_A4_131218.pdf

Declaration in French: https://biodiversity-protection.interreg-med.eu/fileadmin/user_upload/Sites/Biodiversity_Protection/horizontal_project/News_events/FR-Declaration_PANACeA.pdf