MedCities developed this action, in which a youth-driven initiative resulted in the removal of 9 tonnes of waste, raising the awareness of the general public and improving municipal equipment.

The 2017 closed in Dannieh with an inspiring camping led by the local NGO «Youth Dialogue Association YDA» which raised awareness about the importance of keeping clean the roads and streets of these north Lebanese Union of Municipalities. Joining forces with scout groups the NGO made use of very visual advertisements along the road, informative videos, social media among others and, moreover, distributed information to drivers as well as reusable bags to stop «on the road» dumping of litter. The aim was to insist on the environmental and socio economic risks related to waste with especial emphasis on health.

The campaign included cleaning up actions with volunteers who retired about 9 tons of waste and sorted out recyclable materials for further treatment. Within the same project the municipality has been delivered a mechanical road sweeper to increase capacity to deal with the responsibility to keep the roads free of waste.

The campaign was accompanied by a high level meeting of the Presidents of the Unions of Municipalities of Al Fayhaa and Dannieh to address the increasing challenges of municipalities providing a healthy environment in a context of increasing vulnerable population and increased services to be provided by municipal structures due to the Syrian refugee crisis.

According to UNHCR Lebanon hosts circa one million registered Syrian refugees, one fourth of them displaced in north Lebanon. 

The action, facilitated by MedCities territorial antenna (KTC) in Al Fayhaa, has been supported by the Union of Municipalities of Dannieh, the Barcelona Metropolitan Area and the Catalan Agency for Cooperation and Development.

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