The last trimester of 2020 marks the launch of the first component and phase of the A’SIMA project; the elaboration of the City Development Strategy (CDS) of Tunis.

During the month of October, MedCities organised several meetings between the Municipal team in charge of the CDS and the external team of urban experts. Both parts will work closely together in the forthcoming months, forming one unique entity: the CDS management team. Mrs. Narjes Riahi, Director of the CDS at the municipality of Tunis and Mr. Khirallah Ben Hafaiedh, Coordinator of the team of technical experts, both said they were looking forward to join forces to develop the City Strategy for the future of Tunis.

In addition, MedCities has been working on the adaptation of the methodology in order to take into consideration the particularities of the city of Tunis, as a capital city and a de facto metropolis. The international expert in charge of providing methodological guidance to the Municipality of Tunis has delivered the first training workshop to prepare the launch of the CDS, on the 28th October. In particular, the expert gave methodological indications on how to develop the participatory city diagnosis, with a focus on the Facts, Challenges and Projects Method.

Furthermore, the A’SIMA project is being presented by its partners to the main national entities and stakeholders, such as (MEHAT, CGDR, CPSL) as well as to its neighbouring municipalities. The project was also presented to the AVITEM (Agence des Villes et des Territoires Méditerranéens Durables), with which several synergies have been identified. Furthermore, the Mr. Khaled Lazâar, the President of the CDS Municipal Commission of Tunis, presented the project and the challenges that such a process represents for Tunis in the online presentation of the Union for the Mediterranean Strategic Action Plan on Sustainable Urban Development to Euro-Mediterranean Local Authorities that took place on the 29th October. The Union for the Mediterranean Action Plan identifies as one of its priorities the elaboration of integrated city development strategies as a tool for sustainable development.