The Barcelona Metropolitan Area (AMB) one of the founder members of MedCities, has approved the new agreement with MedCities to continue with all projects that our Mediterranean network will start and follow during this year 2021.

The Barcelona Metropolitan Area (AMB) renews its commitment to MedCities through the 2021 collaboration agreement with the contribution to MedCities of 288.300€ for project development. Once again, the AMB and MedCities have signed an agreement that binds them to work together on projects in the Mediterranean.

In this way, the AMB continues to be the institution (founding member of MedCities) that provides the most technical and financial resources to MedCities. Moreover it hosts the offices of the Mediterranean network.

The one year agreement promotes projects in different areas and the main objectives of this compliance are based on the promotion and cooperation between both entities to carry out different projects as technical assistances based on the promotion of training and transferring sessions within the cities of the network. Also, the agreement will stimulate and drive other projects and activities of interest to the AMB as well as the organisation of the MedCities General Assembly, among others. These are some of the main actions:

  • The planning and management of the territory, the dignification of public space, the environment, housing, social cohesion, transport, sustainable mobility, economic development, strategic planning and metropolitan governance.
  • Encourage the participation of the AMB and metropolitan councils in projects and activities of MedCities.
  • Promote the participation of the AMB, metropolitan councils and MedCities in projects of calls from the European Union.
  • To guarantee the ordinary operation of the General Secretariat of MedCities.
  • Work together to ensure a better understanding of MedCities and the tasks it develops with the support of the AMB.
  • The Knowledge Transfer Centers in Lebanon and Tunisia (KTC) – MedCities territorial branches in Lebanon and Tunisia- are also strengthened to collaborate with the International and Cooperation Area of the AMB and the metropolitan councils for the identification and implementation of projects.
  • To promote training and exchange activities between the member cities of the network, in particular promoting the platform on urban and metropolitan management and best cases in the Mediterranean (MedUrbanTools:, as a training tool for learning, which responds to the needs of the technicians and political representatives of the member cities.
  • The involvement and promotion of the Interreg Med Programme projects in which MedCities is involved (Mediterranean Biodiversity Protection Community, Urban Transports Community, InCircle -from Sustainable Tourism Community- and Bluefasma- from Blue Growth Community- )
  • The companionship in the cycle of training sessions for MedCities members accompanied by mentoring processes, in the areas of environmental management, energy, mobility and waste.
  • The creation of the Tripoli City Council Geographic Information System (GIS).
  • The participation in international fora such as the Barcelona World Capital event of Sustainable Food 2021, the IUCN World Congress 2021, the Union for the Mediterranean discussions, among others.
  • The MedCities General Assembly 2021 and the finalisation of the MedCities Estrategic Plan 2030.

The Vice President of the AMB and Secretary of MedCities, Ernest Maragall, and the Secretary General of MedCities, Josep Canals-Molina, signed the agreement in Barcelona on August 3.

It should be noted that in 2019 the AMB increased its contribution to MedCities and has not been reduced during the economic crisis of the COVID pandemic19.

We want to thank again the crucial role that AMB plays in our association and its growing commitment to the work we display.

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