ANERIS project objective is to develop the next generation of scientific instrumentation tools and methods for sensing marine life. The design of the new instruments and methods will integrate different types of marine life-sensing technologies. The project proposes the concept of Operational Marine Biology (OMB), understood as a biodiversity information system for systematic and long-term routine measurements of the ocean and coastal life, and their rapid interpretation and dissemination.

The participation of civil society will be a fundamental part of ANERIS. Through participatory science events, citizens will contribute to the mapping and identification of microorganisms in the literal.

MedCities is in charge of promoting and facilitating the performance of participatory science events all over the Mediterranean.

All 25 partners gathered in the leader’s premises, ICM- CSIC, in Barcelona last 8th and 9th of March to officially launch the ANERIS project. The different technologies that will be developed during the project were presented, and the partners started planning which would be the operational marine biology products that could be developed through the technologies.

Through this new exciting project, MedCities will bring science closer to the citizens of some of its coastal city members. Stay tuned since you will hear more from MedCities’ participation in the participatory science events in the next years! 

If you want to know more about the project, have a look at the brand-new website

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