LOCALMED – Plateform de cóoperation décentralisée entre des villes de la Mediterranée

Last November 26th Barcelona held a session on The New Reality of Morocco’s Local Governments. After including in their Communal Chart (Charte Communale) the obligation, to part of moroccan cities, to provide themselves with their own Development Communal Plan (PCD), the regionalization process moves forward in a country that reformed his Constitution back in 2011 including some elements of decentralization and deconcentration with a new distribution of powers between the elected members and those from the central government; a new element to take into account when establishing cooperation links with local entities.

At the same time, Catalonia is undertaking two initiatives in order to support this moroccan process: the Local Platform Med-Morocco, impulsed by the Diputació de Barcelona and the working group Morocco of the Development Commission, impulsed by the Catalan Cooperation Fund, with the participation of MedCités.

The session gave response to the request from several organizations with cooperation links to local governments in Morocco, asking for updated and applied information about the role of local authorities in this process of decentralization.

Milena Verrié, expert consultant in the moroccan municipal sphere, and Dr. Abdellatif Jabrani, law professor in the Abdelmalek Esaadi University in Tànger, gave a very interesting presentation and later debate about the new decentralizated context in Morocco, the legislative changes and the competences of local moroccan governments.