Synergies in the MED Urban Transport Community – GO SUMP PROJECT

Capacity Building Event on Synergies amongst Modular Projects in Urban Transport Community (MED UTC). The purpose of this Capacity Building Event in the frame of the GO SUMP Project, lead by Malaga City Council, was to gather the Urban Mobility topics under analysis and development by the whole Urban Transport Community. MedCities, as project partner, contibuted and coordinated part of the Community Building activites and workshops developed. It took place in Torres Vedras (Portugal) on 26 September 2017, in conjunction with the annual CIVITAS Forum 2017.

As horizontal project of the INTERREG MED programme 2014-2020, GO SUMP is responsible for identifying and promoting synergies and collaboration amongst the modular projects (MPs) of the MED Urban Transport Community. To that aim, the organization of several workshops during the project lifetime is foreseen.

Five working sessions (WSs) were held on the basis of the five thematic groups (TGs) defined, which groups the projects with similar mobility challenges or kinds of solutions:

– Tourist Destinations
– Specific Sub-areas of Trip Generation / Attraction
– Participatory Planning & Processes
– Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)
– Low Carbon Transport Modes / Services

Working Sessions were followed by presentation of C02 Measurement within MPs and with the workshop on Collaborative economy issues, which was facilitated by Ricard Jornet and Angel Matilla (SomMobilitat).

The MED UTC was itself at the marketplace during the CIVITAS Forum 2017 Deployment Day, on 27-29 September 2017. The first CIVITAS Deployment Day was packed with interactive exhibitions and activities, which participants could navigate based on their theme, project, or simply by walking around and exploring. Deployment Day activities were going on all day at exhibition stands.

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