As announced in our March Newsletter, MedCities was helping to build the InCircle Knowledge Platform, which is finally out and ready to provide ideas for actions to increase the sustainability of Mediterranean touristic insular and low-density areas

The platform contains several examples of good practices, which are divided by projects and by four main action pillars: waste management, water management, energy efficiency and sustainable mobility. For each good practice listed, you can find a small description of the action and information regarding the costs, main results that were obtained, which actors were involved, and which lessons were learnt. 

More examples will be added during the whole lifespan of the project, so check it out regularly. Also, if your city is performing a good practice in any of the project topics, we encourage you to contact the project so that your case can be uploaded in the Knowledge Platform.

The InCircle Project is an Interreg-Med project which aims to enhance the sustainability and attractiveness of Mediterranean touristic insular and low-density areas through Circular tourism. If you want to find out more about the InCircle Project, watch this brand new video.

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