From 20th – 22nd June 2018, MedCities undertook a mission in Tanger and Tetouan in the framework of the Cooperation Project ‘Accés Tanger – Tetouan’ (ATT), during which the project activities were designed and programmed, while the technical teams advanced in the definition of the study areas and piloting actions.

The most recent mission developed in the framework of the ATT Project in Tanger and Tetouan aimed to develop the follow-up project meetings and to support the designing and programming of the coming activities.

The project follow-up committee meetings were developed in both cities, with the participation of representatives from the city councils, the partner associations in the domain of disability, the local coordinators and MedCities. The objective was to proceed with the planning of the most immediate activities on urban accessibility: specific training, diagnosis of the area, pilot technical project, follow-up and support meetings within the city consultative bodies on accessibility and the exchange mission to Barcelona, planned for October 2018. 

The consultation bodies on accessibility are in different stages, but it was agreed that the project coordinator would participate in the coming meetings of the consultative bodies on accessibility in Tanger and Tetouan in order to discuss the project itself and to promote synergies during its execution. The mission was also an interesting opportunity to visit the study areas while analyzing the different pilot locations, along with the city’s infrastructure and support centres for people with disabilities.